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This page contains all DevBlogs published by Vision Online Games. A total of 1 DevBlogs has been released which can be found below.

File:Vision PotBS DevBlog May 2020.pdf

A few words about this and future Dev Blogs

DevBlogs are not Patch Notes. DevBlogs are much higher level and conceptual, while patch notes are extremely detailed lists of the exact changes that will be appearing in upcoming builds. A DevBlog is crow’s nest view (if you will) of our general course at that particular moment, which is updated and adjusted with each future DevBlog that is released. DevBlogs are also not Newsletters. DevBlogs are produced when and as needed, rather than on a schedule. We hope that changes will be coming quickly enough that DevBlogs will be published more frequently than Newsletters, but it is not our intention to put them out on a scheduled basis. DevBlogs will be published when we have enough information for one, and feel it is the right time to produce one.

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